Friday, August 1, 2008

Pismo July 08

Ok, this happened quite a while ago BUT here it is anyway! We had so much fun! If you want to see the video of our trip check out Aimee's Blog. The Private Public Journal of the Wards. There is a link right here on my page.

Ok...So before school got out Aimee, Yvette, and their families were going on this trip to Pismo Beach, which those of you who know me know that Pismo is one of my favorite places in the WORLD!!! Ok! So my world is kinda small but even so Pismo is a great place. Before I knew it mom and sister decided they wanted to go too! We had a blast! I am waiting for pics from Aimee and Taylor but these are the ones from my phone! Aimee, the organized one, had an itinerary so that we could experience all that we wanted to on our short trip to the coast. I didn't get to see as much of Aimee, Yvette, and Families as I would have liked but school is coming and we will get to spend more time together.

Me and "Johnny Boy". My nephew.

Me and Jay T, my nephew.

Me on our way to the Tidal Pools, Montana De Oro.

Montana De Oro

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